To get a good finish is necessary that the wall is clean and dry. Must be free of dust, soot, grease, oil, tar, etc.. All these substances prevent the adherence and drying paint. It is essential that free of fungus and mold will also be found. To get rid of these last wipe the surface with bleach and rinse with water.

If the wall is already painted and is in good condition, the must be sanded and then gently remove dust with a damp cloth. If there remains loose paint must be completely removed with a spatula, wire brush or chip.

To correct the imperfections of the wall sconce outdoor plastic fillings with a spatula and then sand it until completely smooth out the surface. Do not forget to remove dust with a damp cloth before painting.

The exterior can be painted with exterior latex or latex waterproofing.
Start painting the edges (wall sockets and inner edges of the wall) with a brush of 5-8 cm wide and then paint the rest with a roller.

Before completely wet the squeeze roller and removal of water and loose fibers.
To charge the paint roller is advisable to use a plastic tray. If you are painting with waterproofing is advisable to dilute the first coat between 25 and 30%. The rest of the hands applying undiluted. Wait at least 5 hours to apply the second coat. Do not apply if rain is expected.

If the cracks are very small is recommended to apply a well-diluted waterproofing, so that the product penetrates into them, sealing them. Then apply at least 3 coats of undiluted product to finish.

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