If this is your first time painting a wall or tenth , these tips and tricks will help you have a perfect result.

1. Choose the correct paint
Take your time to find the type of paint and gloss right type for your project , aside from studying brands and find one of good quality. The quality and type of paint is as important as the color to achieve a good result at home.

2. Choose quality brushes and rollers
If you need new brushes or rollers , choose a good quality . Ask the paint store which are the most recommended products . Good brushes and rollers better cover the face , and give you a better finish . Although perhaps spend more , you’ll also have tools that you can use for several years.

3. Do not paint in hot or humid days
Unless you do not have problems in wait days for it to dry the paint. Also remember to open the windows , not only to dry fast, but to vent strong odors . Use low VOC paint if you want an option with fewer chemicals and odors.

4. Lighting
Good lighting will help you see parts that are not well covered in paint and other errors , besides you can better appreciate the color you chose. Open the windows , and painted on the time of day that this more enlightened. Use artificial light when necessary.

5. Paint from top to bottom
And this includes the roof. Paint it first, then the higher parts of the wall. If possible , try to paint from top to bottom without stopping in between. This not fall drops into parts that have already been painted .

6. Do not use too much paint
Each layer should be thin . Do not use a lot of paint only to end fast, since dry slow, and you’ll have some professional result. Use little paint , let dry , and if necessary paint more layers . You will not regret of you for taking your time.

7. Let it dry
Whether you need to paint more layers as if you finished the job , you need to let the paint dry completely. If this does not dry properly before another layer, paint will not look at all well by adding more overhead. Let the paint dry for at least 24 hours before using the space again when you’re done , to prevent smudging.

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