The colors of a room as well as how they relate in space, can have a big impact on the final look and feel of the interior of your home. Adding a second color of paint can make a room look larger, smaller, or more energetic depending on how it is used, so planing carefully is elemental to get the look you want.

Illusion of space

Painting a room with two colors can create the illusion that the space is larger or smaller than it really is. If you want it to look bigger, choose colors that appear blurred, like blue, purple or green, and select a light shade to make the place look even bigger. Paint the bases, moldings, window frames and other moldings in a lighter shade to make your walls look more tenuous.

Shape of the Room

Divide a room in two colors of paint can help change the apparent shape of space. Make a long narrow wider look at the longer walls painted with a lighter color and shorter walls a darker room. If the roof seems very high for decoration or furniture in the room, paint the top quarter of the room and the ceiling with the lighter shade and the lower three quarters of the wall with a darker color. Bringing color to the walls ceiling makes the ceiling look lower.

Accent wall

Sometimes paint one wall with a brighter color than the rest of the room adds interest and style to your home. Choose a wall without windows or doors but the other features you want to draw attention. A wall with a fireplace, a sofa or a large painting makes a good accent wall, as you’ll want to draw attention naturally to these features. If the room is long, choose the shortest wall of the main entrance to the room as the accent wall to help visually correct the shape of the place. Choose a color two or three shades darker than the color of the other walls or, for a more dramatic effect, choose an accent color of the furniture is in place.

Flase finishes

Many faux painting techniques use two colors of paint to create texture or wallpaper. The sponges or washout technique lets you add a second color very subtly. After applying the base coat, the second color mixture of paint with a latex bath at a ratio of one part paint to four parts glaze. Spread frosting mixture on your wall with random blows in a circular motion as if you were washing the surface or a slightly damp sponge dipped in glaze mixture and place randomly on the surface of the wall for a more textured appearance.

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