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Change the windows required to make a choice in terms of materials, as there are severalĀ  types and each has its own peculiarities. So in Swift Home Renovations we share the main characteristics of each one and some tips to change the windows of the house.

The renovation of windows in a house requires a sizable budget. Ideally, choose the best investment in terms of quality. As for the aesthetics of the windows, it is also an important point that one should meditate carefully.

Aluminum, PVC, and wood offer undeniable advantages.

Aluminium windows
Aluminum is famous for being a good insulator, also benefits from a good quality due to the insertion between both sides of synthetic rods. Thus, the insulation is practically total. One of its great advantages is that it is indestructible and can withstand fairly heavy large crystal.

The bad weather did not have any impact on the aluminum windows. Finally, aluminum is easy to maintain, plus there is a wide palette of possible colors.

PVC windows
The new generation PVC improved rigidity, and is not as fragile as before. PVC can withstand inclement trouble caused by some force wind. The salt air does not have any impact on this material, and holds up well any weather condition. Regarding isolation, the PVC is suitable due to its glass fiber reinforcements composed. Elegant and easy to maintain, PVC windows come in a wide range of colors and finishes.

Wooden windows
Wood, noble material, required more maintenance, despite having been subjected to different types of treatment before being placed. Wood windows that are made today will not rot, and resist moisture well or the presence of any insect or pest. As for the quality of sound and thermal insulation, this material, warm and natural, is unbeatable.

Finally and as a conclusion we can say that the window is a source of heat loss. For this reason it is very important to choose the type of glass in order to save the most energy in the house.

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