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Deck Contractors in Atlanta assures decks can turn to be a hidden danger at your home. A deck life expectancy in Atlanta, GA is about 10-15 years according to the National Association of Home Builders; and even though, 40 million homes in the U.S have a deck that is more than 20 years old. Bad news is, even if the deck is new it can turn out to be a time bomb if it was poorly constructed.

Since 2005, thousands of injuries and several deaths have been reported in the U.S due to deck collapses or structural failure. So is your Atlanta Deck safe?

Let’s go through 5 signs of an unsafe deck:

According to our deck builders in Atlanta, there are 5 signs you should pay attention when it comes to safety. If you notice one of those signs on your deck, look for a deck specialist and ask for an inspection, or give us a call at 770-212-2124 and we can have it checked for you.

  • Missing connections
    Atlanta decks should be built using a series of wood parts, nails, screws and metal connections to create a continuous load path, if you see only nails you should have it checked. Pay particular attention to the ledger board attach to the house, it should be attached with lag screws and not nails.
  • Loose connections
    Depending on how the deck was built, vital connections can have been degraded over time. Unstable railings, loose stairs or ledger boards pulling away from the home are all causes of concern.
  • Corrosion of connectors and fasteners
    If you find red rust on metal connectors, such as screws or nails, that means the structure of your deck is weak and you should have it checked.
  • Rot
    Rotten wood can weaken wood members of the deck frame, which will cause poor performance and can make your deck susceptible to collapse.
  • Cracks
    As wood ages, cracks starts showing. Large cracks or excessive cracking can weaken your deck structure and safety.

If you think your deck is unsafe, you should be looking for a deck builder in Atlanta to have it checked; the second step would be to make sure you can still repair it or if it has to be replaced completely.

If replacing your deck is not an option, there are improvements we can do to strengthen your deck. Swift Home Renovation has over 8 years of experience building decks in the Atlanta Metro Area, our deck specialists will identify the main problems and will give you different options to choose from.

Our main focus is customer satisfaction; we will work with you, giving you the best options within your budget.

Request a FREE deck inspection today at 770-212-2124. Keep your loved ones safe and sound!

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